Milk Bar Separator

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Milk Bar Separator

Now you can use healthy Milk Bar Teats on an Automatic Goat Feeders!

  • The teat height is easily adjusted to ensure the correct suckling action is achieved at all ages
  • Stop lambs and kids from biting the ends of the teats off
  • Drastically reduces the number of annual teat replacements
  • Prevents milk losses
  • Easy to clean and saves time

A three year collaboration with a French Farmer who rears 30,000 goats has resulted in this new innovation for the dairy goat and lamb industry! Trial farms have seen the following results

  • Reduced Mortality, some down by 65%
  • Use of drugs down by 50%
  • Easier to train with Milk Bar Lamb/Kid Colostrum Teats. Use Milk Bar Teats for the growth stage
  • Kids and lambs come to weight much earlier and were weaned a week earlier than normal