How long should my teats last?

Milk Bar Teats are made from a natural rubber and are designed to last. There are a few factors which impact the longevity of your teats.

  1. Insufficient cleaning with an alkali detergent. The proteins in milk fat soften the natural rubber so the teat will slowly lose its intergrety. Washing with an alkali detergent strips the milk fat from the rubber and increases the life of your teats.
  2. Leaving feeders in the pens. When feeders are left in the pens the calves will chew and suck the teats which reduces the teat lifespan.

We manufacture our Milk Bar teats in our Waipu factory to our own special rubber recipe. We test each batch of rubber before the manufacture of the teats. This way we are able to reject any batch that does not meet our tough standards.

We’ve also calculated how long your teats should last according to how many calves you rear and how many feeders you use. This calculation assumes you clean your teats at least twice a week with an alkali detergent.

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