Be aware of warning signs

There are several tell tale signs that your calves are feeding too fast.

If you notice these signs and change your teats to the correct feeding Milk Bar Teat you can normally prevent health issues before they happen!

Cross Suckling

Calves need to produce a lot of saliva when drinking for healthy digestion. Inadequate saliva production when feeding causes calves to cross suckle or suckle on their surroundings after feeding. Calves fed from a bucket, a fast teat, or with a teat that does not promote the correct suckling action, will not produce the saliva required for healthy digestion and will cross suckle.

Cross suckling can be a real problem and can lead to navel infections, ear infections and damage to developing udders by bunting into the developing tissue.

Within a week of cross sucking some cases of nutritional scours are likely to develop.


Coughing while drinking

If a calf stands back and cough’s or cough’s immediately after feeding; it is drinking too quickly and not suckling correctly.

The oesophagus cannot cope with this volume of milk and milk enters the trachea. Milk in the trachea can cause pneumonia.